Saturday, October 16, 2010

Why I sometimes Hesitate to Post....

I always have atleast ten ideas floating around in my head at any given time.  I talk myself through them day in and day out.  I compose many essays in my head...and try to follow all these ideas to the end of their logical lines.  So why then do I post so little?

Because I get so discouraged at my own inability to live by the truths that I find.  "If to know were to do...." from Merchant of Venice could probably be the tragic motto of my life, maybe it is the tragic motto of all mortal life.  Thus the need for the Atonement, the dire need for us to lean on our Savior for all strength.  But, sometimes That even seems so locked up, so buried in the clouds of murkiness beneath all crazy hormonal emotions accompaning motherhood and all that is entailed there.

The embarrassment of hypocrisy leaves me without the courage to shout the inspiring ideals.

(Something less depressing soon.)


Jennymommy6 said...

I have some of my best ideas when I am running on my treadmill. Sometimes I think I should write them down before I forget....since once I'm done I have a lot more craziness.

Kitchen Recovery said...

This is totally me!