Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More Political Writing...

This is in response to The Times News editorial on the election for House Seat 25B:

The argument that we should keep Pence as our representative because she is a "rural democrat," is an invalid argument. We should not elect our politicians based on filling minority quotas for the state house. If there is a district in Idaho that has a "rural democrat" whom the majority of people agree with his/her policies, then let THEM respond to this perceived "need."

Representatives should meet the needs of the people whom they represent; having Alex Sutter as District 25's representative, as opposed to Donna Pence would actually give District 25 conservatives at least one out of our three who is most likely to represent our ideals. The constituent’s needs in District 25 for at least one conservative voice trumps any need that The Times News may be promoting for the state house in general.

Alex is a dynamic leader, an articulate speaker who is willing to give of his time to serve the citizens of District 25. He knows what the Constitution is about, he realizes the State’s obligations and duties to its people, he understands how individual and family strength, productivity, and sovereignty is the backbone of our country’s founding. He will be a true leader to rally a people to their obligations both as public servants and private producers in a time of conflict and uncertainty in our nation’s history. He will be a very welcome figure in Idaho politics, and one that will in time by celebrated by the Times News as "one of the most important political figures in Idaho’s history."

Alex Sutter in no way falls behind on responding to the crisis in Education. And unlike his opponent who is a veteran in the obsolete bureaucratic system of American public education, Alex brings fresh ideas and vision for what education needs to become in our changing world. Alex also will be a proponent of agriculture and its responsible growth. His experience has shown him over and over again to be someone who knows how to bring people together and develop solutions that work.

When anyone with a conservative leaning set of values looks at Donna’s record, they can’t help but realize that she absolutely does not represent them. She is a very nice lady who is to be commended on the life work that she has and is accomplishing. But she is not the representative that District 25 needs at this time. Alex Sutter is.

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