Monday, May 24, 2010

My Own Private Goshen

As I am considering the Babylon/Zion argument, I read today in Exodus....and basically, I think we as members of the Church are symbolically living in Goshen.  Goshen is the name of the area where the Isrealites lived while they were in Egypt.  For quite a while they lived a rather great life there.  They were allowed to stay within their own group of people, they were left alone to worship as they pleased, their monetary/physical needs were met as they left their "Zion" to make bricks for the Egyptians.  It all seemed to be working out pretty nicely, with a few small concessions.  Sort of a resting ground, a preparation place, a nice easy life.
Then the Egyptians became anxious about the Isrealites numbers and strengths, more and more of their "freedoms" were eroded.  Pretty quickly, Goshen wasn't quite so great a place to live.  But even as God was performing mighty miracles in their behalf to take them to their true promised land, their Zion, they still were looking back toward Goshen.  That steady brick-making paycheck and "Egyptian burger joint" was really a hard thing to give up.
I'll let you draw your own corollaries, if you see any.

Friday, May 21, 2010

To do, to do, to do

To Do Outside:  Updated May 25

Finish Planting the whole Garden and pray for sunshine.  Check.  still need to plant beans and tomatoes in a week.  Finally a nice day today

Put in second tier of strawberry beds  Been digging.  Need dearest to lay the ties.

Start first year pruning of espaliered fruit trees (replace dead apple with plum?)  Maybe only one tree still alive, how disappointing.  Placed posts, need to string wire

Fence around more Trampling, Stampeding livestock  This will be awhile.

Get rocks to rick-rack side of garden...plant herbs.  Made first load of rock, probably ten more loads.

Get grapes and raspberries....remember to start with the watering system first, you are not good at doing complicated watering routines when July comes...things sorta just end up dying...plan first

Keep watering new grassy areas (hopefully they come up)  I think we might have to start again, and just plant one area at a time.  They need to be constantly watered.

Design landscape for front knoll...good job getting all those rocks...thanks big muscle kids.  Now I have my big huge rock... thanks to dearest and a loader.

Make a clothes line. I can work on this today

Paint milk barn RED.  This will be great, and I already have the paint, from two years ago.

Paint picnic tables.  First unwindy day. (that will take a miracle)

That might be all the big projects for this drink lots of lemonade and read good books.


Sometimes I am genuinely disappointed to see that no one has updated my blog...oh, was that supposed to be me?

A Little Bit of Politics

Dear Senator:

Please help me remain my child's parent , co-sponsor SR 519 to block the UN's Rights of the Child from becoming ratified.

Senator Jim Risch

Sen. Risch "contact" webpage for e-mailing (and other contact info.)

Washington, D.C. Office: 202-224-2752

Regional office in Twin Falls: 1411 Falls, Ave., Suite 201

Senator Mike Crapo

Sen. Crapo "contact" webpage for e-mailing (and other contact info.)

Washington, D.C. Office: 202-224-6142

Regional Office in Twin Falls: 202 Falls Ave.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Sashes and Squares

A close up of the quilting...this will be the biggest quilt that I ever want to do on my little machine.
A sneak peek of my next project...look for it sometime in ahh, well, hopefully within the month.