Tuesday, March 19, 2013

 A couple months ago, darling started talking about a new position somewhere that he was curious about.  I said, "Well, send in your resume'."  And now I am here, single parenting and crying about leaving this home and land that I have invested my heart in.  And he is there, thrilling at this chance of new adventures and challenges.   We have a contract to buy our next home, right in the center of his new daily farming routines.  It was given to us by the Lord.  There is absolutely no explanation for how else it all came about.  But it is big, and solid, and so much like what I would design if I were to build from scratch.  And it has land, and trees, and pasture, and a little wild patch with sage brush so we don't miss our vast expanse of desert too much.  And it's by the lake (well reservoir, but lake sounds better) and I hear one can learn to sail there, and I've always wanted to learn to sail.

Here is our soon to be new Front Door.  Can't wait to make it mine.