Friday, April 23, 2010

To Ann at A Holy Experience

Just a line. We share so much. I could match most all of those farming pictures: kids piled in cab, tin-foiled suppers eaten on the back of an implement, watching from the end of the row, always wind blown (planting and harvesting always seem to be that way,) all those Pioneer seed bags, rock picking stories (glad to know other places have that same yearly issue- the dirt it's prolific with those rocks here in volcanic soil Idaho), young boys growing into men (not teenagers) and daughter learning from a humble mama how to be helpmeet: repentance neccesary daily, oh, and all the dirty husband clothes. I bet you've ran your share of part getting. And me here in Idaho, and you somewhere Canadian, to the East is it? We're farmwife sisters you and I. And I thank you for sharing your God -given gift of the poetic, inspiring words of life. I consider you to be a master at your art, and I'm not one to give compliments lightly (a character flaw of mine.) Someday I would love to cuddle up with your book (hint) and feed my soul with His words through yours.

Someday through the eternities - we would like to get to know one another, and I'll leave it at that.

All IS Grace.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Resting Place

Finally....a fairly unfinished version of the quilt.  As you can tell, it is still just in "quilt top" stage.  Haven't yet decided if I am going to machine quilt it (it will be the largest one yet for me and and my little machine if I do it) or to send it off and pay money to have it done on a long arm.   We will see.  I will probably end up doing it.  Machine quilting is probably my favorite part of quilting, and I am always trying to pinch my pennies.

You can sort of see the walls in the background.  The hand troweling turned out really nice despite my whining and aching arms.  Wish I had a before shot so I could appreciate the contrast to what a junkyard my bedroom had previously been.  The kids are a little upset that they are no longer allowed to just dump random things off in our new little "love nest."

When I can, I want a beautiful little antique chandelier hanging from the ceiling...that will be great.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Procrastination Chastisement

If I would just quit working playing on the computer and get busy...I could post the pictures of my new room and quilt sooner rather than later (the room is all done, the quilt, well not quite, but almost the top).....are you anticipating?  I am.  Now I just need to find the camera

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Whims are Wonderful

When I woke up Thursday morning, my intention was not to do a complete bedroom overhaul.  I started with the basic everyday cleaning, and soon I was thinking a good dejunking was overdue.  Soon the entire contents of my bedroom were deposited in the living room so I could paint. 
When darling got home he said, " we may as well go ahead and get these wall insulated and put up new wall board if you think you want to paint.  (Thanks darling for always being so willing to be me "hotty construction guy" whenever I have a whim. )We made a list of what we needed in town...and headed to our favorite store, The Home Depot.
But of course, the first place I needed to go was...the quilt shop...where else was I going to figure out what color of paint I needed.  Darling was sceptical, but he's starting to see the light.  Here's to the hope of having this all done...someday soon preferably.  And thanks to Moda (mostly) for always having such great color inspiration.  I think I'm going to like this quilt.   And hopefully the next quilt won't need a complete room overhaul for its genesis.