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In answer to "Old Relief Society Lessons"

Have you ever wanted to just talk with someone who seems to be on the opposite side of an issue just to see why they believe what they believe?   These are some comments from the blog:  As I can see, some of my assumptions about being a "feminist" are probably wrong.  We actually might agree on similar things...(the copy from the blog is in blue and italics)

31.On a side thread of old RS lessons . . .

A RS lesson from 1914 would include

1) Work and business
2) Segment on local, national and political events. One months suggestions included Utah marble for capitol building, school shopping, suffrage methods in Washington, money markets, address by Woodrow Wilson, Ludwig of Bavaria - the new king, treaty negotiations with Denmark, votes for women as an international issue.
3) Genealogy and testimony
4) Home ethics & gardening. Example: personal pride in making one’s own homestead clean & beautiful, our responsibility as citizens in making and maintaining a good water system. Sisters received assignments such as sketching landscapes, or researching reforesting clearcut or how to procure clean water for their cities.
5) Literature, art and architecture. Example: studied for one year the autobiography of Ben Franklin, lesson on the study of the etymology of the word “bungalo” and instructions on how to adapt it to mountain living.
RS history is awesome, and I am excited about the emphasis coming.
Comment by Txgirl — September 30, 2010 @ 9:30 am

32.#31- Oh, I am SO jealous.
Comment by the milk (of the gospel) — September 30, 2010 @ 9:57 am

34.WOW. #31!
Why were those old-fashioned ladies more progressive than us? HUH?!
And why were those old-fashioned ladies ALLOWED to be more progressive than us?
I wanna be old-fashioned! That would be so awesome.
For what it’s worth, military wives, though always encouraged to be feminine and support their man, were also always encouraged and expected to be self-sufficient, capable, and upstanding citizens who pulled their own weight. A la the old-fashioned ladies of Relief Society.
Comment by Michelle — September 30, 2010 @ 1:33 pm

These things mentioned are similar to subjects I study and projects I do all the time, (as someone who considers herself "anti-feminist.")  By "anti-feminist" I don't mean someone who doesn't believe in equality and respect for women, I just mean someone who doesn't want to be a man, but is happy and content being a "traditional" woman.

So why then am I doing these things, and feminists are complaining about not being able to do them?  I have one short, not well-researched thought:

In 1914, people were still thinking in terms of freedom,  free enterprise, liberal education, local government, family enterprising to solve the problems of society.  Everybody's talents and education are vital and encouraged in this atmosphere.

 Now we have had almost 50 years of "dumbed down education," and a tendency to look to the Federal Government to solve our problems, it is now (unfortunately) out of our normal existance to expect ourselves and others in our families and communitees to be able or capable of providing these kinds of solutions.


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mama of many said...

Have I mentioned that I love your brain? I think you hit the nail on the head. We have gone from a society of families who solved their own problems to a society of people who yell, "Nobodies helping me!" or "I am going to the health and welfare office to get help from the government." From a society who wanted to be self sufficient and independant to a society that thinks getting something for nothing is the best way to go. The cry for the "expert" has replaced the cry to God for a stronger back and a solution. We have gone from a society who celebrates, cherishes and works to maintain freedom to a society of zombies who sit on their butts watching sitcoms, drinking soda and eating doritoes their neighbors paid for(Quest card) who are apathetic in every way except fom their passion to get goverment dole aka money we worked hard to earn.
But I digress....