Monday, October 4, 2010

Thoughts on Womanhood

About seven years ago, I began the journey of feminist to feminine with a beautiful Christian website called It made me start to question some of my own erroneous thoughts that I had been indoctrinated with in our current modern culture- ie that I needed to go and accomplish a lot outside of my home if I wanted to be/feel successful. Of course, being a “dutiful mormon” girl, I was “sacrificing” by staying at home with our first three children. Soon they would be able to go to school and I could be free to start my real life.

After that first website, I started to see a different way. And it was like coming home. It was what I should have been hearing. It was truth.

I have since enjoyed books, essays and documentaries from,,, and others.  Even when I didn't fully agree with their applications, the principles they were promoting were amazing and inspiring, and true. But where were the voices like these from the LDS? Why was I having such a hard time having this conversation with sisters in my own ward? Why was I the only one finding peace and beauty in these biblical principles? Was I being misled? Was I not progressing? And then I found out about the “mormon feminist” blogs. These were reported to be the new voice of the LDS women. I read for awhile, but mostly just felt angst and stress, and doubt.

Still, always on aquest for truth: I just asked God to really bless me with understanding through the scriptures. Within a couple of days, I reread Lehi’s vision – notice “Lehi, is at the tree inviting the family to partake, not Sariah, nagging everyone.” Then to the words to Emma Smith – all of her calling was to support her husband.   I had other very profound and personal spiritual experiences during this time.  I decided to put some of these "old-fashioned" ideas into practice.

In my journey, these are some of the ideas that I have adopted and found much peace in through this time of searching, pondering, praying and fasting.

-Righteous Patriarchy is God’s governement. We are either in it, or out of it.

-My husband is my head through Christ. I look to support him in everything he does. I use my talents and gifts to further his vision (in which, he constantly councils with me for direction and advice) for our family. I get to do a lot of amazing and fun stuff within the context of my family and home. It is not at all limiting, but amazingly exhilerating and full of eternal purpose. I sometimes find myself doing things that help our family financially, because my husband has asked me to. We actually try to do a lot of family enterprising, it’s sort of an idea that just comes with being a farm family. It includes everyones, everyone has some gift to offer.

-The most important part of “our” vision for our family is a biblical posterity where children are the heritgage our Father gives us, his most wonderful and eternal gifts and responsibilities to and for us. We are no longer limiting our children, but relying on the Lord for his providence in taking care of them. "Heritages of the Lord," are not just merely provided physical needs, and then entertained so they stay out of the way – they are pondered and prayed over, they are trained, molded, corrected, educated,encouraged, disciplined, and LOVED. They are the blessings that have brought us to our knees in the deepest humility, they are the blessings that have made the LORD more real to us than anything else ever could. Why- because raising children is DANG HARD, and it requires the sacrifice of all.  And He does provide the sanity, and the means, and the health when I am truly willing to submit all to HIM.

-MAKING HOME is the most important earthly pursuit. Everything else that is done, like husbands having to go into Babylon, is only to support the mission of building Zion in the home.

-Modern culture and schooling do our daughters a huge disfavor by giving them the idea that to be successful, they need to be involved in “obtainining money,” and that they need to be stressfully busy all day long. Real motherhood is actually fairly slow paced, methodical, spiritual, ritualistic.

-Submitting to and learning to respect and encourage your husbands brings amazing blessing to marriages, to his spiritual growth, and to your ability to develop that “meek and gentle spirit.”

-Feminism was a “progressive, communistic” propaganda idea to get women out of their homes, so that the government could be the main partriarch of society. Read So Much More by E&AS Botkin. Wonderful book.

I do have a little disclaimer if you want to call it that. I have always been surrounded by men who loved, respected, cherished and protected me. They have all revered my opinion, talents, and gifts. For those who have not been so fortunate, I can understand how these ideas might seem very uncomfortable and scary to you. I have not the wisdom to know what to say, other that that Gods ideals are for everyone, and somehow through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, he can make you capable of living whatever law He has set forth as His standard.

More later.  I have many ideas on this subject.  Some of those ideas I support as absolute eternal truth, others, I am willing to learn and grow and be challenged on.

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mama of many said...

Amen Sister! How I relish our long conversations on the subject. Femimism is not about freedom or rights, it is about becoming a man. It is about forgetting eternally endowed attributes and forgetting who we are. I personally am so grateful to be a woman. To have the opportunity to develop the characteristics specific to my gender. When woman wake up to who they are and the power they have AS WOMAN the world will change for the better. "The hand that rocks the cradle..."
BTW-You are doing a fabulous job Joyful Saint.