Friday, October 5, 2012

Economic Principles from the book of Ruth...

I have prayed for direction in understanding what God's principles of Economics are.  I was led to the book of Ruth.  Upon my initial reading of the first two chapters, here are some of the principles that I have found....roughly the most elementary ones I am sure.

  • God blessed the land with bread.  
  • Stayed within family units for help during difficult times
  • Agriculture ran by the men of the family was the factory
  • Harvest and work was expected of both men and women
  • Generous gifts given
  • Freedom to travel where needed for maintenance
These principles do remind me of Nibley's Approaching Zion.

So my next question is....How exactly do these get applied to my family?  Can these principles be applied in our modern setting and still be pleasing unto God, or more accurately, is our modern economic system pleasing unto God in any way?  What ways?  It seems we could operate our families with these basic guidelines inside the complex structure that we now live in, but could a someone wanting to influence Economic theory and policy use these points to develop anything that could actually be implemented in the system that we have now...could these points be used in a Macro-setting or only in Micro?

Doesn't sound very Keynsian does it?

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mama of many said...

As a recovering idealist I have to say I only think these principles will work in a micro setting. The world is going to hell in a hand basket and the corrupt complexity of our economic system will continue to bind us down and break tradition until few families will be able to resemble anything Biblical or ideal....and then they will be jailed, hung or "reeducated" by comrades.