Saturday, September 29, 2012


Yesterday I had my gallbladder removal I am sore and happily, I am spending time gathering ideas for more quilting projects that I will be doing for the next few are my plans.

1.  Finish my French General quilt with Candy Coated by Crazy Mom Quilts for initial inspiration.   All my pieces are cut and now I need to do my ruffled piece to intersperse between the strips.  The color pallet is grays, browns, reds, and aquas.  It is delicious.

2.  A table topper for my mom.  I plan to do a "Swoon" like block in the center and then add large borders for where the dishes will actually sit.  This way there won't be seams under the dishes.  Her table is 60x60, and I am going to make it just a little larger and then do something like a box pleat, but I will probably use grommets and ribbon to lace it down.  I want to do it reversible, one side to match her kitchen, the other side will be her favorite holiday design.  Way excited for this.

3.  Finish my mail organizer (inspiration from Noodle-head.)  Love this.  Add I have been using it, I just need to finish it.  And hang it.

4.  Begin making each one of my kids their big kid quilt.  Kayti is first, and it will be fun to see what pattern she wants and what color pallet.

And Maybe, just maybe I will get some pictures.

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Olivia said...

Those look like good projects! I'm glad that your surgery went good!