Sunday, November 27, 2011

What May Really Bless My Life

A little divergence.... I really have no use for stuff. I like one really good knife, and a pan. I prefer sparseness in decorating. I would love uniforms to become acceptable attire. So when people ask me what I would like for Christmas, I have a really hard time answering. Occasionally, I think of something that may really bless my life, but then can seldom remember what that might have been when I am faced with the pressure of suggesting a gift. So for my own sake, when I may have a few extra dollars that are crying to be spent, or for those who may so kindly want to give me something, here I attempt to gather a running list: Food processing implements for my Bosch A Bernina walking-foot Essential Oils Kindle or Nook ( not sure which) Coupon for Photobooks... I have to get these 1000's of pictures on my computer made "real." Shabby gift certificate Knee Length Socks Linen napkin set "Ruby" fabric by C.Roskelly for Moda, or a "French General" collection (ok, fabric may be something I gather) A bolt of Warm and Natural batting Tattler reusable canning rings Really good quality gardening tools Bogs

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sariah said...

I purchased a Bernina walking foot 3 years ago and felt horribly guilty about it. (the price was just slightly cheaper than the first sewing machine I owned!) But I must say that I love that foot and use it ALL the time. In fact, I use my walking foot and embroidery foot (for free-motion quilting) almost exclusively. Very worth it.