Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Feminine Fringe...on wearing a skirt

This is a letter I received from Generation Cedar..
Something I am beginning to believe in powerfully, but still find difficult to do.

Costume is powerful. It's more than just something to wear.A woman in a skirt or dress looks feminine. There's something almost mystical about that. Skirts make me stop and think. "She's a lady, not just a female clone trying to act like a man, or imitating a man.

"Oh" some women say, "pants are more practical". Sure they are. But you lose something.

"But", some women will say. "My job requires body positions that skirts interfere with."Really? Pioneer women WALKED (not rode) alongside covered wagons going out west. And they wore skirts. They had identity as women (distinct from men)

Queen Elizabeth (the first) wore gowns....not pants. She was powerful.And if skirts make your job more difficult there's a feminine alternative: Long pants sewn with wide legs....in silky fabrics and soft colors....and almost as feminine as a skirt.

Of course, if you're a woman who only cares about the masculine value of "efficiency at all costs", if you don't cherish your feminine power,as a woman; not a clone of men.....then by all means, keep wearing those pant suits." -Fred Bear


mama of many said...

Oh Steph,
Our conversations have lingered on this subject many times. So much to think about in this great big world! I have to admit, when I put on a skirt I want to be a lady. There is something to it.

Being A Mother Who Knows said...

So I agree with your post, but do I have to like it?