Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bio for Alex Sutter

Some political writing I have been doing...a bio for Alex Sutter running for the Idaho House...

It was while serving on his local school board  that Alex Sutter began to understand how the strength of community governance was being eroded. No longer was his school district able to best utilize local resources and creativity to provide excellent educations for their children, all that was left for them to do was to fill in the blanks from the outline given to them by the state and federal governments. Alex, as one who believes that governance should always be done at the smallest level possible, was compelled to an in depth study of U.S. History and the ideas and intent of our Founding Fathers. He could see a gap between the ideal and the reality, and he sought the information so he could help bridge that gap.

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Alex found residency an easy decision when confronted with where he wanted to make his life and raise his family. He would choose the state that had been so good to his wife and his wife’s family: he would be an Idahoan. After nine years of living in the Gem State, Alex, along side his wife Deanna is most importantly raising a family of freedom- loving Americans - Olivia, Jared, Luke, and Caleb, by name. He is building an insurance and real estate business in the Magic Valley and is involved in the professional organization that serves the insurance field, he is serving in his church community, holding positions in the Republican Party, and now putting himself forward to represent the interests of freedom- loving conservatives in Idaho’s District 25.

Through the financial concerns of owning a business, Alex understands how increasing taxes only serves to deter entrepreneurship and employment growth. He believes that in tough times like these, we can not foster prosperity while spending our children’s futures.
Alex understands integrity and courage in facing the difficult decisions of our day. Eight years in the Army Reserves and National Guard along with a two-year church service mission have been schoolmaster in these lessons. It is not always easy to make the hard choices, but Alex realizes the truth that doing the tough things now, will make the future much easier. Alex is dedicated to the idea that families are the first sovereign unit of society and are deserving of protection; that the least amount of governance possible is ideal; that charity and good-will must be encouraged on a local level; that Idahoans must develop the God-given talents within themselves and continue to build and grow businesses, educational institutions, charitable organizations, and families with the least amount of assistance from government as possible; that the Federal Government is limited by the constitution, and that the state of Idaho must stand strong in protecting its rights. If these things are accomplished, our brightest years are still ahead.

Compare these beliefs of Alex’s with his opponents reliance upon socialistic ideas, support of higher taxes, more government generated quasi-solutions, non-support for resolutions aiming to protect state rights. Alex Sutter is the clear choice for times such as these.

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